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Download Nova Launcher Prime APK 4.3.1 Version for Android Free

Today many are having mobile phones with them. From adult people to young ones, people of all ages uses cell phones these days. Many people using Android phones today which is now on trend. As they use Android phones each person, they need some awesome home screen which will look beautiful once you open your phone screen. Many search best home screen apps but none of those were much benefitted. But here comes this app called Nova Launcher Prime which is the most highly customized home screen. Whose performance is very much excellent.

Nova launcher prime is one of the top launcher apps which is made for modern especially for Android phones. It embraces full top design materials which will make your phone's home screen look beautiful and attractive. It also replaces your home screen with the one you control it and also can customize it. It can change color icons, layout and animations and much more.

How to Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk for Android Mobile Phones:

This app is very much easy to operate and easy to use it and by using it you feel like it is the best app which you never had it. Nova launcher prime app is the best app where you can experience different features which give your home screen from ordinary to extraordinary look.

This app is a screen replacement app where it can replace your customized home screen and change it to new and with a fully top design look on your phone's home screen. This app is made for modern Android phones where you can get many different features and can change its icon etc.

This app is user-friendly and easy to use it. Since many young people are into looks and styles as they want to look good through their dressing styles, they would also want their phones to look good when they open their home screen while swiping their phones.

This is created for the modern app where you can find many topped fully design materials which will look attractive while you open your phone screen.

Before downloading this app you must it’s featured here down below I have explained it in details:-

Features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

  1. Drawer Groups: In this folder, it has a drawer where you can find many apps. It has unlimited tabs where you can create and use any types of tabs in the drawer.
  2. Gestures: In this app, you can get another feature which is gesture through this app we can swipe, pinch, or double tap on the home screen where you can open your phone to open your favorite applications.
  3. Unread counts: By using this app you can never miss your messages or emails. Unread counts the Hangout, SMS, Gmail by using the TelsaUnread plugin.
  4. Hide apps: It hides the unused apps and keeps the phone clean, and also it keeps clean app drawer by hiding the unread app.
  5. Icon Swipes: It sets customs action for swiping on an app which Has a shortcut or folder.
  6. Another feature of this app is that it can make your home screen icons into double duty to swipe action in simple term Nova launcher app allows us to swipe up on icons and folders to execute specific tasks. In this way, it keeps your device clean and organizes.
  7. It set your home screen to night mode automatically suppose sometimes when you're lying down on your bed in the evening, and you are using your phones, but it affects your eyes due to the light of your phones which is bright. So by this app, it can make your phone screen light more pleasant which will keep your eyes nicer to see.

New Version of Nova Launcher Prime Apk 4.3.1:

What is new in this new version of Nova Launcher Prime 4.3.1 Well, there is a new version of this app like it can fix icons without appearing in some parts of countries like Canada. It also fixes drawer tab menu which will also not appearing consistently.

It has a night mode. It has an android folder with its preview styles. It improves its bar configurations and also fixes bugs which will affect your phone device.

It is very easy to download this app by going to Google play store. It is a very easy app where you can use it without any difficulty since it is the best app where you can find the best home screen designs and can change different icons which are the best thing that will ever get from any apps. This is the app is worth it to use, and you will find the awesome experience.

Is It Worth It to Use Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

Nova launcher prime is a most powerful and the most elegant app where you can see that it gives you the highly customized home screen. It provides the best custom icons and can replace your custom home screen which is already installed on your device. It has the best quality graphics home screen. It is so easy to use just simply swipe your screen through your finger on your mobile phones.

You can even set shortcuts on your folder. It also has backup settings and import to other devices. It creates very great looking home screen on your desktop where you can see how beautiful the looks can be. If you use this app it provides many styles of the home screen, if you like any styles, then you can set as your home screen either on your mobile phones or tablet or your desktop.


So far you have read about Nova Launcher Prime Apk which will give you excellent looks on your cell phones home screen if you use this app. This app is the best thing that I have ever tried. This app is easy to use and user-friendly which provides many different features and provides the best-looking home screen with various styles in it, with different icons. This app will help to look good on your mobile phones. It is the best experience, and it is the best app and its worth enough for you to use it.